This function standardizes attributes that have multiple fields. It is intended for use with the DR1D[234][ABC] comparison functions.

For this function, every field argument in the attribute is standardized as a separate dimension. For example, you have an identifier attribute with two fields that are primaryID and secondaryID. The primaryID is standardized in one dimension and secondaryID is standardized in another dimension. During comparison, the primaryID compares only to the first dimension and secondaryID compares to only the second.

From 2 to 4 fields. The first field specified is dimension 1, the second is dimension 2, and so on.
MinFldArgs, MaxFldArgs
Number of standard roles
Unrestricted but the resultant standardized value must fit in 381 bytes when encoded as UTF8.
CMAP strcode
CMAP table

Each field is standardized into a separate dimension according to the following rules:

  1. If a CMAP is specified, each character is translated according to the character mapping specification.
  2. Any character that is not alphanumeric is removed.
  3. Alphabetic characters are translated to uppercase.
  4. If an ANON value set was specified and if the standardized value matches one of the ANON values, the standardized value is a zero-length string.

A standardized multidim value looks like: 12345+56789. The ‘+' indicates that they are different dimensions within the same role.