IDENT1 is used to standardize alphanumeric data associated with ID numbers.

All special characters are filtered out. This function is used often for standardizing Medical Record Numbers (MRNs).

Output Type
MinFldArgs, MaxFldArgs
Number of standard roles
Stranon table
SSA (in the case of SSN)
  1. The ID number input data is not associated with an issuer source during standardization.
  2. The alphanumeric characters in the attribute are extracted and converted to uppercase.
  3. The minimum length and maximum length values are read from mpi_srchead. If the attribute length is not between the minimum length and the maximum length, it is treated as ANON. If the minimum length and maximum length values are 0, no check is performed.
  4. Since the IDENT functions use only the data in mpi_memident and each row in mpi_memident has an associated memrecno, each attribute is associated with a unique mpi_srchead row. If there is an ANON table whose strcode matches that source code, this attribute is marked as ANON.
  5. If there is an ANON table specified in mpi_dvdxstd, that table is checked.
  6. The attribute is then added to the comparison string.

675-asd-7008 is converted to 675ASD7008

902-55-5432 is converted to 902555432