EQVD is a simple string comparison, used for a simple MATCH or NO-MATCH type of comparison with different match weights for different match values.

Number of roles
Number of dimensions
(in each role)
Weight table
mpi_wgtsval, mpi_wgthead
Other tables
mpi_cmpspec, mpi_cmphead, mpi_cmpfunc
  1. A comparison is performed between the two strings.
  2. If the strings match exactly, then the weight value for that particular string is looked up in mpi_wgtsval. If the value is not found, the default agreement weight is taken.
  3. If the strings do not match, then the weight value corresponding to the disagreement is looked up in mpi_wgtsval.
EQVD example:

If you are using EQVD to compare gender, then the result can be an exact match with M, exact match with F or no match. The example shows a mpi_wgtsval table:


If you want to compare:

  • M with F - look up row4 for disagreement
  • M with J SMITH, M - look up row1 for M weight