This function standardizes ages.

Output Type
C (circa option)
Number of standard roles
MinValue, MaxValue
  1. This function first converts the attribute value from string to numeric. If this conversion is not successful, the attribute is treated as ANON.
  2. If the age is less than 8 or greater than 100, it is treated as ANON value.
  3. The age values are then converted to birth year by subtracting the value from the current year value. If the current month is less than 7, the year value is reduced by 1. The assumption is in this case is that the birthday is yet to come.
Note: This function has a circa option which can be used when the age is an estimated age. You can pass a dvdarg of ‘C' and a "C" prefix is added to the standardized data.
AGE example:

A value of 30 is converted to 2006-30=1976. If the current month was March (<7), then 30 is converted to 2006-30=1976 -1=1975.