Review identifier task resolution

A review identifier task indicates that the records involved are sharing an identifier that is normally unique. There are specific steps that you can follow to resolve tasks of this type.

In this example, the records have the same personal identification number. However, a review of other attributes indicates that they are not the same person.

Record 1 Record 2
Source A
Source ID: 124355
Source A
Source ID: 895688
Name: Lynn Graham Name: John Public
Personal ID number: 482-89-1822 Personal ID number: 482-89-1822
Phone: 480-998-9797 Phone: 480-555-6060
Date of birth: 05/01/62 Date of birth: 10/14/70
Gender: F Gender: M
Occupation: Engineer Occupation: Engineer
Address: 78 W. Green

Scottsdale, AZ 85030

Address: 1043 W. Easy St

Phoenix, AZ 85545

Employer: BigAerospaceCompany Employer: ReallyBigCorp

To resolve this task, do the following.

  1. Determine which identifier is incorrect.
  2. Correct the appropriate identifier (attribute) (for example, through the Edit Attribute function in the Inspector application).
  3. Edit the task status of each record to indicate that the task was reviewed and resolved.

If your implementation permits attribute updates to the source system, an update message can be sent though the outbound broker.