Source Values and Data decay

The purpose of the Source Values feature is to establish a standardized approach to store and retrieve information, or values, that come from external sources when the attributes of those values do not fit the structure of IBM® WebSphere® products.

The Source Values feature allows you to identify the external source system, application, or user that provided the value. It also stores the date the value was collected, as well as a history of the source that provided the value and the date when that value changes.

The Source Values System adds, updates, and gets the following information within physical InfoSphere® MDM:
  • the source system, application, or user-that provided the specified function details. For example, privacy/preference, campaign, and others
  • the date when the information was collected
  • a history of the source and source date
The Source Values System is used as part of several function areas within physical InfoSphere MDM. The Source Values System works with any entity and it is also included in the specific function transaction. For example, when a change is made to privacy preference, the Source Values System is a part of the function transaction. The Source Values System is required in the following function areas:
  • Privacy/Preference
  • Campaigns
The Source Values System is also included in seven entities in core Party Module. These entities are:
  • Person
  • Organization
  • Person Name
  • Org Name
  • Party Identification
  • Party ContactMethod
  • Party Address