Smart Inquiries

Each InfoSphere® MDM implementation only uses part of its physical data model. The core product, however, does not distinguish between the used and unused parts of the data model, so some composite transactions, like getParty and getContract, read data from the unused model parts if the passed-in inquiry level includes objects from the unused part.

This results in redundant database I/O, because the reads never return any data. The same problem does not exist for add and update operations, because these only perform add or update I/O for the objects passed in the request.

Using the Smart Inquiries feature, you can disable unused parts of the model. When these parts of the model are disabled, the core product does not issue any database I/O request against unused tables and does not affect any functionality around the used parts of the model. These Smart Inquiries improve processing efficiency.

A few of the built-in inquiry composite transactions, such as getParty and getContract, access nearly all the functional parts of the application. When unused parts of the data model are not disabled, these transactions do not execute as efficiently as they do in the limited functionality use scenario.