Multi-time-zone support

If your application is running across different time zones, or your data has time-sensitive values under different time zones, you must enable the multi-time-zone feature.

One very common example of using the multi-time zone support feature is a deployment of multiple servers across several different time zone regions. This feature ensures that all time zone sensitive timestamp fields are operated and stored in Universal Time Code (UTC).

Not all timestamp fields are time zone sensitive. For example, fields storing information such as date of birth remain unchanged regardless of time zone. Time zone sensitive fields include timestamp data that require conversion to UTC in the business logic, such as start dates and end dates.

Multi time zone deployment is an optional feature that can be enabled during installation. If you choose to enable it, you must choose to create the enabled function, which is used by all the triggers. If you do not want to use the multi-time zone feature, you must choose to create the disabled function when you install the database.

Once enabled, you should not disable multi time zone deployment feature using the configuration parameter. Doing so can result in data corruption.