Event Manager

Event Manager is a triggering component that detects events and activities within InfoSphere® MDM.

Event Manager can provide the following types of capability:
  • Detect business events based on the passage of time.
  • Detect business events after business transactions have been executed.
  • Record events that have occurred.
  • Execute actions, such as trigger business transactions, as part of the business rules evaluating the occurrence of the event.
  • Notify that an event has occurred, using the Notifications framework.

You can integrate Event Manager with any business system and track events for any business object. For example, if the business system is InfoSphere MDM, events can be associated with a campaign identified by campaign ID.

Event Manager executes the business rules to determine which events have already occurred and which events might potentially happen in the future. Business Objects with a Next Processing Date of today or earlier are processed. Event Manager stores the information about events that occurred for the business object and generates a JMS message notification to notify other business systems about events that have happened.

The following are types of events:
Transaction data events
Occur when there is a change to important data in the database. The event is executed when a change is made as a result of a business transaction executed by the business system. The business system calls Event Manager at the end of the transaction to trigger event processing. When the business system has changed important data and Event Manager, using external rules, determines that an event has occurred, the event is persisted.
Time passed events
Usually occur with the passage of time. By executing business rules against the business object, usually a date comparison, it is determined that the event has occurred. For example, by looking at campaign data it is determined that this campaign has expired. .
Explicit events
These events are typically user-defined. For example, a category manager knows that a product category is being inactivated in two weeks. The category manager may want to persist this type of event.
Repeated events
The system uses Event Manager to report on the use of repeated events. InfoSphere MDM can report transaction usage patterns. For example, if ABC Insurance is using a business rule defined in Event Manager to detect categories for which the end date has been changed three times in three months, then InfoSphere MDM can send a notification to the category manager when the end date for a category has changed for the third time in a three-month period. Users can replicate this business rule to accommodate similar corruption scenarios.