Enabling RealNames with QXNM

If you are using the QXNM comparison function, you must enable the use of real names (RealNames) by using the qxnm-name.txt string value file.

About this task

This task assumes that you are using the Individual template in your InfoSphere® MDM Workbench workspace and that the workspace contains the file \Individual\strings\word\qxnm-name.txt.

All real names must exist in the mpi_strword database table with a strcode of QXNM-NAME.


  1. In Configuration perspective, select Expert from the View list.
  2. Select the Strings view.
  3. Create a string code named QXNM-NAME using the WORD Type.
  4. Choose qxnm-name.txt from the String value file list. If the file does not appear, right-click the project in the Navigator view and select Refresh.
  5. Deploy your configuration to populate the operational server with the real name values.