INTADDR2 is a general standardization function for international addresses, with configurable minimum and maximum length parameters for postal codes. A dvdarg of ALLOWHASH can be used to prevent any # (number sign) in the address from being treated as punctuation.

The INTADDR2 function has a length limitation of 512 characters. If the value of the total length of the INTADDR2 input fields (stline1, stline2, stline3, stline4) is over 512 characters, the operational server truncates the input value to the first 512 characters of the value.

Output Type
MinFldArgs, MaxFldArgs
MinLength, MaxLength, ALLOWHASH

The INTADDR2 function follows the same steps as USADDR2 for the street line and region standardization. The difference is in the ZIP code standardization, which for INTADDR2 is as follows.

  1. Min and maxLengths are configurable parameters that can be passed as the first two parameters in the dvdargs property of mpi_dvdxstd.
  2. If the min and max values are not passed, the default values of 4 (min) and 5 (max) are taken.
  3. If the attribute is less than the min, it is treated as ANON. If it is greater than max, it is truncated to the specified max size.
  4. If there is an ANON table that is specified, the attribute is checked against this table and, if found, is marked as ANON.
  5. The tokens are then classified according to their type.
  6. The multi-token anonymous values are checked. The mpi_stranon table is checked for a strcode of ADDR2-MANON. The standardized value of the entire address string is compared to the ADDR2-MANON table and, if found, the entire address is marked as ANON.