AUSTPOST standardizes an Australian postal code to a 4-digit string.

Output Type
MinFldArgs, MaxFldArgs
Number of standard roles
MinLength, MaxLength
CMAP strcode

The standardization process is:

  1. If there is a CMAP table specified, the CMAP processing is done first.
  2. The non-digits are filtered out of the attribute. If the attribute is empty, it is treated as ANON.
  3. If the length is less than MinLength, the attribute is treated as ANON.
  4. If the length is greater than the max length, the attribute is truncated to the max value. If the value is longer than the max length, the first max characters are used.
  5. If there is an ANON table specified, the attribute is checked to see if it exists in the table and if so, it is treated as ANON.
  6. If there is an EQUI table specified, and if the attribute is specified in the table, it is treated as ANON.