Attribute types

Attribute types (segments) coincide with the InfoSphere® MDM data schema to define operational server behavior and member information. Two types of Attribute Types are available from the drop-down list on the Attribute Types tab: Member Attribute Types and Relationship Attribute Types.

Member Attribute Types

A set of pre-defined (“fixed”) member attribute types are packaged with the InfoSphere MDM software. For example, MemName, MemAddr, and MemIdent are all pre-defined attribute types. To allow for flexibility at customer sites, implementers can add member-attribute implementation-defined attribute types.

Relationship Attribute Types

Relationship attribute types are attribute types that are specific to relationships. All attribute type names must be unique; an attribute type cannot be both a member attribute type and a relationship attribute type. After relationship attribute types are defined, they can be associated with relationship type attributes on the Relationship types tab. See Relationship types for more information.

Implementation-defined attribute types

Implementation-defined attribute types are those created during the implementation of the InfoSphere MDM and are not associated with a generated class.