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Securing Big Match on Knox Gateway (V11.5.0.3 and earlier)

The Apache Knox gateway provides a single point of authentication and access for Apache Hadoop services in a cluster. Use this task to secure Big Match through the Knox Gateway.


  1. Install Hortonworks Data Platform or IBM Open Platform with Knox Gateway.
  2. Install Big Match and make sure that you do not alter the default setting of true for the bigmatch.knox property.
  3. After the Big Match installation finishes, run the /usr/ibmpacks/current/bigmatch/bin/ script as sudo from the node where the Knox server is running.
  4. Restart Knox for the Big Match certificate to be trusted.
  5. Make sure that the LDAP server that is associated with Knox is started.
  6. If you enabled Kerberos and are accessing Big Match user interfaces from behind the Know gateway, make sure that system level accounts exist for the LDAP accounts that you are authenticating as.
  7. Access the Big Match UIs using the following exact addresses.