SQL Server drivers for InfoSphere MDM configuration

Microsoft SQL Server drivers are required when InfoSphere® MDM is configured to use Microsoft SQL Server as the MDM database.

There are two supported versions of the Microsoft SQL JDBC drivers:
  • SQL JDBC Driver 6.0 (download):
    • For Java JDK 1.7, use the sqljdbc41.jar driver.
    • For Java JDK 1.8, use the sqljdbc42.jar driver.
  • SQL JDBC Driver 6.2 (download):
    • For Java JDK 1.7, use the mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre7.jar driver.
    • For Java JDK 1.8, use the mssql-jdbc-6.2.2.jre8.jar driver.
  • For both versions, when Microsoft Windows native authentication is in place, sqljdbc_auth.dll is also required.
  1. Download the SQL JDBC Drivers, either version 6.0 or version 6.2.
  2. Place the JAR and DLL files in a single directory.
    Note: The DLL is only required when Windows native authentication is used.
  3. During installation, when SQL Server has been selected as the database type, provide the directory path as input for the SQL Server Driver Path item in the IBM Installation Manager Database panel.
Tip: If you are installing InfoSphere MDM using the silent installation method, provide the file path in the value of the user.db.sqlserver.driver.path parameter.
<data key='user.db.sqlserver.driver.path,com.ibm.mdm.advanced.0.2' value='<DIRECTORY>'>