Attach documents configuration behavior

Attach documents can be configured.

Behavior When Configured On
The attach documents feature maintains the reference to content assets in the Content Management System by using an external CMS adapter implementation mapped to the property <cms_name>. This property represents the CMS type, such as IICE or FileNet, which is configured in the property file The provider URL and other details are maintained according to the specific requirements of the adapter.

You can configure information that pertains to the CMS repository where the external content resides through the AdminEObjCdRepositoryTp code table object.

Behavior When Configured Off
The default property settings in the configuration files apply.
Behavior When Configuration is Changed in a Production Environment
Attach documents can be configured on or off at any time without impact other than the reference to content assets in the Content Management System.
Configured During Installation
The attach documents feature can be configured at any time.
Modifying This Feature
For CMS Integration, a customer can provide their own implementation of the CM adapter for their CMS.

For Content Reference, this feature can be modified using mechanisms like extensions to add additional attributes to the Content Reference business object, or External Rule for search.