Overview of IBM PureSystems

IBM® PureSystems® provides virtualized workloads and scalable infrastructure that is delivered in one integrated system.

IBM PureSystems solutions reduce deployment time, increase consistency, and foster agility, making the deployment of cloud middleware environments fast, repeatable, and efficient. Using virtual patterns in a cloud environment can help you to deploy system environments more quickly and in a more consistent and reliable fashion.

The InfoSphere® MDM patterns use the IBM PureSystems hardware and software to deliver all of the benefits of IBM PureSystems. IBM PureSystems supports two types of patterns: virtual application patterns and virtual system patterns. Virtual application patterns define a complete set of platform resources that fulfill a specific business need, while virtual system patterns facilitate the deployment of application system topologies. The InfoSphere MDM patterns are virtual system patterns.

Virtual system patterns, including the InfoSphere MDM patterns, enable efficient and repeatable deployments of systems that include one or more virtual machine instances, and the applications that run on them. You can completely automate the deployment and eliminate the need to perform multiple time-consuming manual tasks. Such deployments accelerate solution deployments and eliminate problems that are introduced by error-prone, manual configuration processes.

To work with patterns and cloud deployments, you can use the IBM PureApplication® System web interface. IBM PureApplication System includes everything that is needed for the cloud in a single box. With IBM PureApplication System, you get a cloud-in-a box that also incorporates technology to deploy the system. IBM PureApplication System enables the rapid adoption and deployment of Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service offerings.

For more information about IBM PureSystems, refer to the PureSystems documentation.