Migration from CloverETL to InfoSphere DataStage

If you previously used CloverETL and now plan to leverage the integration between InfoSphere® MDM and IBM® InfoSphere DataStage® for your ETL activities, review this information.

InfoSphere MDM no longer offers support for the CloverETL component of MDM Workbench. CloverETL is replaced by IBM InfoSphere DataStage, which is accessible in the following two ways.
  • The MDM Connector stage uses the MDM MemGet, MemPut, and MemSearch APIs to retrieve (read) members from MDM data, insert or update (write) member data, and search for member data. You can use the MDM Connector stage to create InfoSphere DataStage jobs that use API interactions.
  • You can extract the MDM samples from the extracted installation packages. Samples include MpxData and Master Data Extract.

This table maps the ETL tasks that are often used to implement MDM with equivalent features that are available with MDM and InfoSphere DataStage integration.

Table 1. Implementation task roadmap
Task CloverETL graph MDM and InfoSphere DataStage feature
MDM metadata export Dictionary extract Metadata export is done before you begin your ETL operations. The metadata that is exported from your MDM Workbench project to InfoSphere Information Server through InforSphere Metadata Asset Manager is used to create the foundation for further ETL work on your customer data.
Cleanse customer extract data file Deduplicate

Clean and deduplicate

InfoSphere DataStage provides capabilities for data deduplication and data transformation. You can use the Remove Duplicates and Transformer stages.

Part of the MDM and InfoSphere Information Server bundling includes access to the data cleansing features offered in InfoSphere QualityStage®. You can use the QualityStage for some data quality activities, such as address standardization.

Derive data and create output UNL files (MpxData) Member Model Transform The MpxData utility can be used in InfoSphere DataStage by configuring the MDM Java™ Integration stage to use the MpxData.
Member Get MMCA


The MDM Connector stage can be configured to create output for either member most current or entity most current composite views. The MDM Connector stage uses the Member read interaction (MemGet).
Master data extract Incremental Load

Extract Full All

A sample set of InfoSphere DataStage jobs are provided in the InfoSphere MDM samples package. You can use the sample to customize an extract of master data. The sample uses a number of stages, including MDM Connector stage in Member read mode, to complete a master data extract.

For more information about CloverETL or to purchase CloverETL in order to support data transformations made for use with MDM, visit the CloverETL website: http://www.cloveretl.com/ibm-mdm

Last updated: 10 Jan 2018