Loading localized data for locales not selected during installation

Use the post configuration madconfig target install_new_db_lang_code to insert gold data corresponding to one or more locales in the database.

About this task

Localized data is loaded during the initial InfoSphere® MDM installation configuration. The gold data for the selected locales is loaded into tables while setting up the database. However, if you wish to load additional localized data after the initial installation and configuration, you can run the post configuration madconfig target install_new_db_lang_code.


  1. Navigate to <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/mds/scripts.
  2. Invoke the madconfig target install_new_db_lang_code:
    • On Microsoft Windows operating systems, use the following command:
      madconfig install_new_db_lang_code
    • On Linux® or UNIX based operating systems, use the following command:
      ./madconfig.sh install_new_db_lang_code
    The target reads the required values from the properties file <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/properties/install_domain_db_db2.properties
  3. Provide the values that the target prompts you for:
    • The database password
    • A comma-separated list of locale codes corresponding to the locales that you wish to load gold data for

What to do next

After the script finishes running, you can find the logs in the following directories:
  • <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/logs/madconfig/java
  • <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/logs/database/CoreData
  • <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/logs/database/DomainData