Creating database objects and loading data using native drivers

Use the madconfig target configure_physical_database_native to create database objects for physical MDM and then load the data into a DB2® or Oracle database. This target also updates the APPSOFTWARE table with the instance ID.

About this task

Database objects are created during the initial InfoSphere® MDM installation using Data Direct drivers. However, you can create and load the physical MDM database objects using the native DB2 or Oracle drivers by invoking the madconfig target configure_physical_database_native.


  1. Navigate to <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/mds/scripts.
  2. Invoke the madconfig target configure_physical_database_native:
    • On Microsoft Windows operating systems, use the following command:
      madconfig configure_physical_database_native
    • On Linux® or UNIX based operating systems, use the following command:
      ./ configure_physical_database_native
    The target reads the required values from the properties files stored in the <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/properties folder.
  3. When prompted, provide the database user password.
  4. If the database has SSL enabled, you are prompted for the SSL trust file password. Provide the password when prompted.
    The database objects are created and loaded based on the configuration details found in the properties files.

What to do next

To drop the database objects that were created using native drivers, use the madconfig target reset_database_native.

After the script finishes running, you can find the logs in the <MDM_INSTALL_HOME>/logs/madconfig/java folder.