IBM Db2 database profile registry updates

IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaboration Server - Collaborative Edition requires that certain profile registry values be updated for DB2®.

The following profile registry variables are required for use by InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server - Collaborative Edition:

The DB2CODEPAGE registry variable is used to specify the character set that is used during export and import of data in Db2.

Set the value to 1208.


The DB2COMM registry variable determines which protocol's connection managers are enabled when the database manager is started. You can set this variable for multiple communication protocols by separating the keywords with commas.

Set the value to tcpip.


The DB2_PARALLEL_IO registry variable changes the way Db2 calculates the input and output parallelism of a table space. You can enable input and output parallelism by providing the correct number of prefetch requests. You can enable input and output parallelism either implicitly, by using multiple containers, or explicitly, by setting DB2_PARALLEL_IO. Each prefetch request is a request for an extent of pages. For example, a table space has two containers and the prefetch size is four times the extent size. If the registry variable is set, a prefetch request for this table space is broken into four requests (one extent per request) with a possibility of four prefetchers that service the requests in parallel.

Set the value to "*" (asterisk).

Other Profile Registry variables are not required, but can be set if there is a specific requirement.

You can set the Db2 registry variables by using the following Db2 commands in Db2 server:
db2set DB2COMM=tcpip
db2set DB2_PARALLEL_IO=*
db2set DB2CODEPAGE=1208
If you are migrating from old releases of Db2, ensure that you set the following registry variables and their values: