Oracle data source worksheet

Use the Oracle data source worksheet to identify parameters for the data source to which your MDM operational server is connecting.

For InfoSphere® MDM Standard Edition, all IBM® AIX®, Linux®, or Solaris data source information is stored in an odbc.ini file in the MDM_INSTALL_HOME/conf directory.

When you define the names for your databases and user accounts, consider giving the associated database instance, user account, and data source configuration the same name. You might also want to include the InfoSphere MDM version in your name. Using this naming convention can help other members of your organization and IBM Software Support understand the mapping between instances, accounts, and databases.

The parameters that are listed in the following table equate to prompts or fields that you see in IBM Installation Manager.

Table 1. Oracle data source worksheet
Parameter Description Your value
Database type Oracle is supported for all InfoSphere MDM editions.  
Database host name Identify the fully qualified address of the host on which the database is installed. The default is localhost.  
Database port Identify the database port or use the default port number provided. The Oracle default is 1521.  
Database user name The database user name must have DBA privileges. For Oracle, the DB user name and schema name must be the same.

Restrictions on length and supported characters for user names and passwords are dependent upon any restrictions that might be imposed by your operating system.

Database password Provide a password for the database user name.  
Database name Provide the database name.  
Database home Provide the fully qualified directory where the database is installed. For example:

Windows: C:\App\oracle\product\11.2.0\db_1

IBM AIX, Linux, or Solaris: /home/mdm/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1

Installing MDM Database manually If you are planning to install the physical MDM database manually, you can select the Extract scripts for manual database installation option. The installation application will extract the scripts that enable you to complete manual installation.

Virtual MDM tables are installed even if this option is selected.

This option is only available when the MDM database is being installed alone, without any other components.

Tablespace names If you have created your tablespaces ahead of time, then you must take note of their names so that you can specify them in the installation application. The following tablespaces are required (default names are in parentheses):
  • 8k tablespace1 (TBS4K)
  • 8k tablespace2 (TBS8K)
  • 8k tablespace3 (TBS16K)
  • IndexSpace (IDXSPACE)
  • EME tablespace (EMESPACE1)
  • PME tablespace (EMESPACE2)
  • LongSpace (LOBSPACE)