Configuring deployed MDM client applications on Docker

The deployed-clientapps Docker image includes Kafka Server, Kafka Processor, Jetty Server, Elastic Search, the MDM Batch Processor, Java (from WebSphere Application Server), and a number of sample applications. Use the steps documented in this topic to configure the MDM client applications to point to an external MDM database, MDM application server, or Kafka Server.

Before you begin

Note: Check to ensure that the hostname parameter is populated in the deployed-clientapps image. If not, then provide the full host name of the host on which deployed-clientapps is running. For example:
export HOSTNAME=<full_host_name>

About this task

The deployed-clientapps image can be used with other InfoSphere MDM Docker images in Docker Compose YAML files, or it can be run in its own Docker container.

Tip: To start the deployed-clientapps image in its own Docker container, run the following command:
docker run --hostname=CLIENTAPPSHOST -- name=clientapps_container deployed-clientapps
Use the Configure_ClientApps script to configure the deployed-clientapps image to point to external instances of:
  • MDM database
  • MDM application server
  • Kafka Server


  1. Start the ClientApps container using the following command:
    docker run --hostname=CLIENTAPPSHOST --name=clientapps_container deployed-clientapps
  2. Log into the container:
    docker exec -it clientapps_container /bin/bash
  3. Go to the /tmp folder and run the following command:

    This script prompts you for details about the external MDM database, application server, and Kafka Server instances and then configures the Kafka Processor and MDM Batch Processor accordingly.

  4. After deployment completes, use the docker commit command to commit your changes to all of the containers in your deployment.
    Committing a Docker container ensures that your deployment choices are not lost if the container is later removed. For more information about committing a Docker container, see the Docker command line documentation.

What to do next

The newly configured image of the deployed-clientapps can be deployed:
  • As a Docker container
  • In a Kubernetes cluster
  • On Red Hat OpenShift EE