Web Reports installation

Administrators are responsible for installing, deploying, and supporting users of the reporting application.

The application collects, consolidates, and presents information to your web browser about member data activities in your MDM database. The InfoSphere® MDM Web Reports are designed to work with virtual MDM data. The reports use a special viewer application to collect the parameters and display the results within a browser window.

When you install the application, IBM® Installation Manager updates the webreports.properties file with the host name, port, and valid user name and password that you provide on the installation configuration panel and deploys the application EAR to the target application server. During deployment, the application server unpacks the EAR content into an installed apps directory. For example, WAS_PROFILE_HOME/installedApps/$cell_name/webreports.ear.

The extracts of the web-based reports are processed when the reports are run. When possible, run these reports during non-peak hours to avoid affecting the performance of the operational server.

To access Web Reports after it has been installed and started, navigate your web browser to the following URL (replacing <hostname> and <port> with the appropriate values): https://<hostname>:<port>/webreports/common/login.html