Running the management agent

The management agent must be running for the configuration and management functions to be available. The management agent runs as a daemon waiting for requests from the Management Console. One management agent instance can accept connections and service multiple consoles at the same time, while storing configuration in only one configuration repository.

Both the JMX service URL at which the management agent accepts requests from consoles, and the URL of the configuration repository are determined in the bootstrap configuration. For more detailed information on how to configure the service URL and the configuration repository URL see Bootstrap configuration items for the Management Agent.

You must run the management console on the same computer as the management agent. This is because the management agent runs with a security manager and a security policy that prevents it from accepting connections from console running on other computers.

The security policy is located under the install directory <Install_Home>/ManagementAgent/config/ in the mgmt_agent.policy file. The installation script automatically adds the required entries to allow the management agent to connect to the configuration repository. You must manually modify this permission if you change the location of the configuration repository used by the management agent.