Partial application configuration undeployment

This function allows you to remove configuration items defined in a jar file that exist in an InfoSphere® MDM configuration application deployment.

This functionality can be used to allow a client to remove customized additional configuration items that have been added to a deployed InfoSphere MDM configuration. Each partial undeploy JAR must only contain one module and its associated items and values. If you want to remove multiple modules you must undeploy them individually in separate JARs. This functionality will support removing items under the existing root node (IBM) or removing a new root node (i.e., CLIENT). This function can run either in scripted mode or through the console menu.

The requirements for the JAR file to undeploy a partial application configuration are the same as the function to partial deploy an application configuration. For examples of the manifest, schema and XSD files, refer to previous section Deploying a partial application configuration using interactive mode.

A partial application configuration undeployment does not refresh the InfoSphere MDM automatically, so you must restart the application to pick up the new undeployed partial application configuration.