Specifying the users and groups on the data stewardship teams

A set of predefined teams is included with IBM® Stewardship Center.

About this task

Teams are defined and managed by using IBM Process Designer. Most of the predefined teams already have one group that is defined. You can define more groups if required for your organization.

Users and groups are defined and managed by using the Process Admin Console. Groups can contain users and other groups.

Table 1. . Data stewardship teams and associated groups
Team Defined groups or users Capability
BusinessUserTeam BusinessUserGroup group Viewing entity information and submitting change requests.
DataStewardManager DataStewardManager group Monitoring data stewardship activities, such as the number of tasks that are assigned to each data steward, and how many tasks are overdue.
DataStewardTeam DataStewardGroup group Participating in data stewardship tasks, such as resolving suspected duplicate tasks and reviewing change requests from business users.
MDM_Admin MDM_Admin group and tw_admins group. The tw_admins group is a pre-defined IBM Business Process Manager group. Configuring the connection to MDM and the exposed process variables.


  1. Log in to the IBM BPM Process Admin Console for your system.
    The URL for the Process Admin Console is similar to http://location.ABC_Corp.com:9080/ProcessAdmin
  2. In the Server Admin window, select the User Management menu.
  3. Select Group Management.
    Refer to the steps in the IBM Business Process Manager documentation to manage users and groups.