Installing snapshots to the Process Server after customization

If you have customized the Process Applications that got installed along with IBM Stewardship Center in your Process center to suit your business need, you may need to need to deploy them to Process Server runtime.

About this task

The deployment steps differ between Connected Process Server and Offline Process Server.


  1. Follow the steps provided in the following link to deploy the Process Application Snapshots to the Process Server Runtime:
  2. Use the following guidelines after deploying the snapshots to the Process Server runtime:
    On a process server, the first snapshot you install is considered the default version. This means that the items within it run when an event or other trigger that applies to more than one version of a process or service is received. When you install subsequent snapshots, you can use the Make Default Version option in Process Admin Console to ensure the snapshot you want to run is the default. Hence when you are installing Snapshots after Customization from a development environment [Process Center] or installing a new version of snapshot then make sure you make the appropriate Snapshot as Default Version.
  3. Set the EPV Values of the IBM® Stewardship Center:
    1. Manually configure the MDM_Connections EPV values of the installed Snapshots.
    2. If a new snapshot of MDM Hybrid Data Quality application is deployed, then you need to manually configure the Email_Detail EPV along with MDM_Connections EPV.
    3. If a new snapshot of Physical MDM Suspected Duplicates application is deployed, then you need to follow the steps in Customizing the Physical MDM Suspected Duplicates process application.