Configuring contract pagination settings

You can enable pagination for contracts in the Stewardship Physical MDM dashboard.

About this task

IBM® Stewardship Center's Stewardship Physical MDM dashboard enables data stewards to search for Person or Organization parties in InfoSphere® MDM and view or update their details. Once a party is selected, users can also view all contracts associated with that party. The Accounts screen contains all contracts associated with the party (in a read-only format) and can be accessed from the Details tab.

If a given party has many associated contracts, then it can take a long time for IBM Stewardship Center to load the party's details. You can avoid this by enabling pagination for contracts, so that only a set number of contracts associated with each is loaded at a time.


To configure contract pagination:

  1. Log in to the IBM BPM Process Admin Console for your system.
    The URL for the Process Admin Console is similar to
  2. In the Server Admin window, select Admin Tools > Manage EPVs.
  3. Select MDM Party Maintenance snapshot from the Snapshot drop down list.
    Tip: Select your active snapshot. If you have more than one active snapshop, then you might want to follow these steps for all of them.
  4. Select PaginationSize from the Name drop down list to configure validations.
  5. Select the variable contractPaginationSize and set the value to the maximum number of contracts that should be shown at a time (the page size).
    If the total number of contracts associated with a given party is more than the defined page size, then the user interface provides Previous and Next links to enable the user to navigate the full list of contracts.