Before performing an upgrade or applying a fix pack

If you are performing an upgrade installation of IBM® Stewardship Center, or applying a fix pack, then there are important steps that you should take to protect your existing customizations.

Before installing the new version of IBM Stewardship Center:
  • Create a snapshot of all IBM Stewardship Center applications and tool kits in your deployment.
  • Back up the snapshots by exporting them to your file system using the BPM Process Center console.
After installing the new IBM Stewardship Center version:
  • Manually reapply all of your IBM Stewardship Center customizations.
  • If your previous installation of IBM Stewardship Center used IBM BPM 8.6, upgrade to IBM Business Automation Workflow. For more information, see this IBM Support document.
Note: Fully automated merge capabilities are not available with BPM Process Designer functionality.