HL7 query broker

The HL7 query broker supports Health Level Seven (HL7) Query Response and supports easy integration of an MDM operational server with healthcare enterprise applications.

The query broker functions satisfy the need for HL7 event-driven message requests from customer applications that expect an immediate message-based response. You can configure the MDM Member Get (MemGet) and Member Search (MemSearch) interactions that are based upon requests from external applications. In addition, response configuration can be customized.

The query broker works in this way:
  1. A client, such as a hospital registration system, sends an HL7 query request to the query broker to determine whether a member exists in the MDM database. The query broker communicates directly with the operational server.
  2. When the operational server locates the member, a verification response is returned to the client by the query broker. Modifications can then be made to the member information in the client system.
  3. After the modifications are made, the client returns an HL7 message that contains the updated data to the operational server through the inbound broker.
  4. After the inbound broker receives the updates, they are stored in the MDM database.