Creating and assigning users

You create users and assign them to groups to give them access to the functions through IBM® WebSphere® Application Server.

Before you begin

Start the administrative console and log in.

About this task

If you are using the WebSphere Application Server File Repository, all users are created by the installer, except for the rdmadmin user. Follow these steps to create the rdmadmin user manually. If using LDAP, these users must be created in the LDAP Repository. Consult your LDAP administrator.


  1. Expand the Users and Groups menu and select Manage Users.
  2. Click Search to show all current users.
  3. On the Manage Users screen, click Create.
  4. In the Create a User page, type a User ID. See Table 1.
  5. Click Group Membership and add the group or groups to which you want each user to belong. See the examples in Table 1.
  6. Provide a password for the user.
    Table 1. Example system users to add
    User ID Group Password
    rdmadmin RDMRole_Administrators, enterprise passw0rd
    approver RDMRole_Approvers, enterprise passw0rd
    approver2 RDMRole_Approvers2, mdm passw0rd
    integrator RDMRole_Integrators, enterprise passw0rd
    mdm RDMRole_All passw0rd
    mih none passw0rd
    steward RDMRole_Stewards, enterprise passw0rd
    steward2 RDMRole_Stewards, mdm passw0rd
    super RDMRole_Administrators, RDMRole_Approvers, RDMRole_Integrators, RDMRole_Stewards, crm, enterprise, mdm passw0rd
    tabs RDMRole_All, crm, enterprise, mdm tabs
  7. Add all users as needed.
    Important: By default, the user tabs is a superuser in the system. If you remove user tabs, be sure that the user listed in the Mapped Users column in Assigning roles to groups in WebSphere Application Server is a member of groups shown for tabs in the Table 1 table.

What to do next

Create roles and associate groups to roles.