Buckets By Size

Use the Buckets By Size query to return buckets that match a specified range of sizes (number of members in a bucket). Specifying a value of 0 for either the minimum or maximum size indicates that there is no limit (no minimum or no maximum).

The table shows the member count, bucket hash, bucket role, and a sample bucket value from one of the members in the bucket. Typically the bucket value is the same for all members in any given bucket. The exception to this is if there was a hash collision that resulted in different bucket values having the same bucket hash. To check this condition, you can select the bucket and click the View Bucket button to view all of the members and their bucket values for any given bucket.

The table can either be sorted by the number of members in the bucket or by the bucket role. To change the sorting, click the appropriate table header column.

If it is determined that a problem exists with a particular bucket role (for example, lack of frequency-based bucketing), the Algorithm tab of the Configuration Editor can be opened by selecting a table row and clicking the View Algorithm button. This opens the Algorithm tab and selects the particular bucket role that created the selected bucket.