Saving an algorithm

After making changes to an algorithm, it must be saved to the local file system.

About this task

For an algorithm to be uploaded to InfoSphere® MDM for use in a test or production environment, its InfoSphere MDM Workbench project is deployed to that server.

See Managing configuration projects for detailed information on deploying projects.

Algorithms are stored locally by InfoSphere MDM Workbench in the workspace directory in a child directory under the project. The workspace directory is created when InfoSphere MDM Workbench is started. Typically the algorithms are saved as ..\workspace\project_name\algorithm_name.alg

For example, an algorithm based on the Guest member type that is in project Alpha would typically be saved to the following path:

C:\Documents and Settings\current_user\workspace\Alpha\Guest.alg

By default, algorithms are given file names based on the associated member type. However, you can rename it with a customized name using the instructions in Renaming an algorithm. Algorithms can also be deleted when no longer needed, although each member type must have one "active" algorithm in order for the operational server configuration to be deployed.

Note: Deleting an algorithm from the Navigator view does not remove it from the server from which it was imported. To delete an algorithm, you must use the Member Types view. Detailed instructions are provided in Configuration editor.


To save an algorithm, use one of the following actions:
  • Click the Save icon on the InfoSphere MDM Workbench toolbar.
  • Press Ctrl+S on the keyboard.
  • Select File > Save from the main menu.