Disassociating or deleting an algorithm

If you no longer need a specific algorithm, you can disassociate it from its member type for possible use later, or delete it altogether.

About this task

Algorithms are managed in InfoSphere® MDM Workbench Configuration perspective.


  1. In the toolbar, select Advanced Interface from the Editor interface list.
  2. In the configuration editor, select Algorithms view.
  3. Select the algorithm you want to remove.
  4. Click Remove. In the Remove Algorithm window, you can permanently delete the algorithm or disassociate the algorithm from its current member type.
    • To disassociate the algorithm from its member type and retain the algorithm for use later, click Don't delete the Algorithm. (Pressing the Enter key also runs this option.)
    • To permanently delete the algorithm from the database, click Delete the Algorithm.
      Attention: This operation cannot be reversed through the Edit > Undo or Ctrl+Z operation.
  5. If the removed algorithm was the active algorithm for the current member type, set another algorithm to Active. See Setting an algorithm to active.
  6. Save the project.