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Installing InfoSphere Global Name Management artifacts (V11.5.0.5)

With Big Match version to version, you can optionally use InfoSphere® Global Name Management version 5.0 in the name comparison functions in Big Match. To be able to use the GNM functions, you must install the GNM artifacts in a Big Match cluster.

Before you begin

You must install Global Name Management 5.0 and have iFix gnm_5.0.0.1.laifix001 deployed before using this task. You should have the GNM 5.0 installation and iFix gnm_5.0.0.1.laifix001 deployed on Linux®.
Important: The GNM ifix must be in place before the first run of the Big Match configuration script, or it will not work, even if it is installed later and the script is run again.

You must also have Big Match to installed.


  1. After installing Big Match to, go to BIGMATCH_HOME/bin/ in your Big Match cluster and copy the script to the location where Global Name Management 5.0 is installed.
  2. Run the script.
    This step generates the gnm_bigmatch_package.tar.gz file in the Global Name Management installation root directory.
  3. Copy the gnm_bigmatch_package.tar.gz file to every node in the Big Match cluster.
  4. Run the script on every node in the cluster as sudo.
    $BIGMATCH_HOME/bin/ </absolute/path/to/>
  5. First restart HBase and then Big Match service from Ambari to ensure that the Global Name Management libraries are properly symlinked into Hadoop.