Migrating configuration settings

Migrate customized values from key configuration files so that they are available within your new InfoSphere® MDM installation.

About this task

Several components of IBM® InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition use configuration files to control certain behaviors. The installer for the new version of InfoSphere MDM does not automatically migrate any custom configuration values from your previous installation to your new installation. The following steps describe migrating customized configuration values for the Entity Manager, Task Manager, Event Manager, Tag Manager, and for Search Synchronization.


  1. Within your InfoSphere MDM installation , navigate to the WAS_PROFILE_HOME/conf directory.
  2. Open the com.ibm.mdm.mds.entity.manager.cfg file.
  3. Migrate any custom configuration values to the com.ibm.mdm.mds.entity.manager.cfg configuration file within your new InfoSphere MDM installation: WAS_PROFILE_HOME/conf/com.ibm.mdm.mds.entity.manager.cfg.
  4. Repeat the migration steps for the following configuration files:
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.event.manager.cfg
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.task.manager.cfg
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.tag.manager.cfg
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.search.synchronization.cfg
    Note: You do not need to migrate the following files. They were updated automatically when you ran madconfig update_instance_datasource or they contain only path information that the installation mechanism for version 11.6 has already populated correctly:
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.jdbc.cfg
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.jni.cfg odbc.ini
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.job.manager.cfg
    • com.ibm.mdm.mds.search.manager.cfg