Sample: MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor

As an alternative to the Interceptor tool, you can use a new Batch Framework processor to extract virtual MDM interactions and replay them to an upgraded operational server.

The name of the processor is MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor. It reads an InfoSphere® MDM Request-Response log file or a Initiate® Interceptor file to extract virtual MDM interactions. The processor then replicates the behavior of the Interceptor. However, instead of requiring the interceptor.jar file, the MappedVirtualInteractionConsumer requires that two versions of the file are present:
  • the file for the version of MDM you are upgrading from, and
  • the file for the version of MDM you are upgrading to.
Note: The location of the .jar file is RAD/RSA install home/
Note: As the name of the processor suggests, MappedVirtualInteractionProcessor helps to map virtual MDM interactions from one version of MDM to another. If you do not need to do mapping, consider using the VirtualInteractionProcessor, a simpler Batch Framework processor that simply reads a message recorded by the Request-Response logger, passes it to the current file, and calls the EXECUTE command.
The diagram shows the flow:
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