Sample: Interceptor tool

To minimize the impact of downtime during upgrade, the current release provides a sample tool called Interceptor that you can use to capture incoming interactions while the operational server is offline being upgraded. When the upgraded operational server is online again, you can replay the captured interactions to the upgraded operational server.

Note: You can also use the Interceptor tool sample to reduce the impact of downtime during routine maintenance or to record interactions while you are refreshing an algorithm. See the link at the end of this topic for more detail.

The Interceptor tool combines two processes: the Recorder and the Replayer. The Recorder intercepts interactions destined for an operational server and logs them to an “interaction data” file. Versions 10.1 and earlier of the Initiate Master Data Service® included the Interceptor tool. If you are upgrading to the current version of MDM from one of those Initiate® versions, record interactions using the Interceptor tool available with those versions.

You must then map the interactions into a new format for the target version of InfoSphere® MDM. After mapping, you can replay the interactions on the upgraded operational server by using the Replayer process.

Note: The 11.0 and 11.3 versions of MDM did not include the Interceptor tool. To upgrade from version 11.0 or 11.3 to 11.4, follow the instructions in the upgrade documentation for versions 11.0 or 11.3, as appropriate.

If you are performing an upgrade, use the Replayer API (rather than the madconfig utility replayer targets).

Use the madconfig utility recorder targets to create the interaction data file.

To use the Interceptor tool sample as part of your upgrade process:
  1. Enable the Recorder for the operational server you are upgrading.
  2. Confirm that incoming interactions are being written to the interaction data file.
  3. Upgrade the operational server, as described in the mainline upgrade documentation.
  4. Turn off the Recorder.
  5. Run the Replayer to cause the Interceptor tool sample to replay the interactions to the upgraded operational server.
  6. Verify that the interactions are arriving to the operational server as expected.

The Replayer and the Recorder appear as clients issuing interactions. These two processes run independently of each other. The speed of the replay is dependent on the destination engine.