Event Manager example use in handling automatic transactions

Event Manager can be used for handling automatic transactions, for example.

Mr. Frank Delhomme leases a new vehicle from BMW (Canada) Leasing. As part of the leasing agreement, the leasing company requires that Frank's payments be made via pre-authorized check (PAC). The lease also states that if there is any problem receiving payment, the funds will then be charged to Frank's credit card.

Some time after Frank leases the car, there is a problem with his PAC payment. The payment request to the bank is rejected and the reason provided is non-sufficient funds (NSF). BMW (Canada) Leasing records the rejected PAC payment, then debits Frank's credit card for the amount of the outstanding payment, plus any applicable service charges. Frank is sent an e-mail that outlines the details of the rejected PAC and the debit to his credit card.

Last updated: November 6, 2015