Information Management IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management, Version 11.3

Creating a nested workflow

A workflow is a collection of steps that are routed. Every workflow defines a business process. Each step has certain performers and actions associated with it. A nested workflow is when you have a workflow that has a small subset of steps and is then connected to another workflow.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have two workflows already created. You will need to have an inner workflow and an outer workflow. The outer workflow will nest the inner workflow.


  1. Select from the drop down list which workflow you want to add. Click Add workflow. Your inner workflow displays in the Workflow steps section.
  2. Select the inner workflow check box and route the inner workflow steps to its next steps. You need to route the outer workflow to your inner workflow so that the inner workflow shows up as a step.
  3. Save your nested workflow.


Here is an example of an inner workflow. Let's say every time a company releases any kind of information to the public, the company needs to get legal approval. After legal approval is granted, the same steps are run over again. The following would make up an inner workflow. The outer workflow could then be about the type of announcement that needs to be made. The company needs to do the following:
  1. Decide which type of announcement is going to be made:
    1. For press releases
    2. Product announcements
    3. Financial information
  2. Get legal approval
    1. Contact legal representatives
    2. Fill out the appropriate forms

Last updated: 8 Mar 2016