Basic Atomic Data Warehouse modeling concepts

Basic logical data modeling patterns that are used in the Atomic Data Warehouse Model (AWM).

Data modelers use patterns when they develop logical data models that are independent of data modeling tools or database technology. Modelers who work with an IBM Industry Data Model must be familiar with the following basic data modeling patterns:
  • Entities - the business or real-world concepts to be represented in the data model
  • Attributes - the smallest pieces information that is modeled
  • Relationships - specify the rule for how the entities are related to each other
  • Subtype Entities - show that one entity is a type or specialization of another concept
  • Role Entities - show that an entity is a role that is played by another entity
The logical data model in Figure 1 shows the basic concepts of data modeling:
  • Person, Driver and Vehicle are entities
  • Name, Date of Birth and Color are attributes
  • Person can have Vehicle Ownership as relationship
  • Car and Boat are subtype entities of Vehicle
  • Driver is a role that is played by Person
Figure 1. Basic concepts of data modeling
Basic concepts of data modeling