InfoSphere Metadata Workbench

InfoSphere® Metadata Workbench provides end-to-end data flow reporting and impact analysis of the information assets that are used by InfoSphere Information Server components.

You use InfoSphere Metadata Workbench to understand information by showing the complete lineage, indicating where information comes from, and how that information changes as it moves through data integration processes. By tracing and maintaining relationships of information throughout your data integration project, InfoSphere Metadata Workbench improves transparency of IT to the business, and increases IT responsiveness.

Using the web-based navigation, users can view and interact with the metadata and information assets in the InfoSphere Information Server metadata repository. For example, users can import a business intelligence report and use the data flow reporting capabilities of InfoSphere Metadata Workbench to understand how data is moved and transformed by IBM® InfoSphere DataStage®.

Understanding what, where, and who is impacted by changes to data helps to reduce operational costs for constantly changing data.