Configuring access to ODBC data sources

To use the ODBC data sources in a job, you must configure the ODBC driver and also the ODBC data source name (DSN) definitions.

Before you begin


  1. Configure the ODBC DSN definitions.
    Table 1. Configuring the ODBC data source name definitions
    Operating System Procedure
    UNIX or Linux Set the ODBCINI environment variable to point to the .odbc.ini file. The.odbc.ini file contains the ODBC DSN definitions.
    Note: The ODBCINI environment variable is set in the dsenv script automatically as part of the InfoSphere Information Server installation process.
    Microsoft Windows The DSN definitions are managed by the ODBC driver manager application included with the operating system. The ODBC DSN definitions must be configured as System DSN definitions in the ODBC data source Administrator. The ODBCINI environment variable is not applicable on Microsoft Windows.
  2. Add the path to the directory that contains the client libraries to the library path environment variable. The default path for client libraries is as follows:
    • On Windows, C:\IBM\InformationServer\ODBCDrivers. On the Microsoft Windows, the ODBC driver manager library is provided by the operating system. The location of the ODBC driver manager is automatically included in the PATH environment variable.
    • On Linux and UNIX, /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/branded_odbc/lib. The ODBC driver manager is included with InfoSphere Information Server
  3. On UNIX and Linux computers, to restart the server engine and the ASB Agent, enter the following command:
    cd Install_directory/Server/DSEngine/bin
    ./uv -admin -stop
    ./uv -admin -start
    cd Install_directory/ASBNode/bin
    . ./
    ./ stopAgent
    ./ start