Work in a task pane

After you select a task from the Tasks lists, a task pane opens. In the task pane, you can select options and provide details to complete the task.

About this task

Note that when the task pane opens, the object list and Tasks list are collapsed at the top of the workspace. The following figure shows the Run Column Analysis task pane.
Figure 1. The Run Column Analysis task pane
Shows the Run Column Analysis task pane opened.
The content of each task pane differs. Many task panes require that you select options and provide additional details. You can also schedule certain tasks to run at specified times or intervals. The asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

When you have completed the task, click Save or Submit.

After you submit a job that requires processing, the status bar is displayed at the bottom of the workspace.
Figure 2. Status bar showing the progress of the column analysis job
Shows the status bar running with a column analysis task.