Testing the parallel engine cluster by using the IBM® InfoSphere DataStage Designer client (Windows)

To test a Microsoft Windows parallel engine cluster by using the InfoSphere® DataStage® Designer client, run a simple job.

Before you begin

Set up a method for distributing compiled transform libraries to all physical compute nodes in the cluster. See Distributing transform libraries to compute nodes.


  1. Log in to the computer as a common user.
  2. Click Start > Programs > IBM InfoSphere Information Server > IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Designer.
  3. Log in to the Designer client.
  4. Open an existing job.
    Alternatively, you can create a job:
    1. Drag a Row Generator stage and a Peek stage from the palette onto the canvas.
    2. Right-click the Row Generator stage and connect it to the Peek stage.
    3. Double-click the Row Generator icon and select the Output link tab.
    4. In the column grid, define one column with an arbitrary name (for example, col1) and assign an SQL data type of Integer.
    5. Save the job.
  5. Click Edit > Job Properties.
  6. Click Parameters.
  7. Click Add Environment Variable.
  8. Select the environment variable APT_ORCHHOME from the list. Change the value of the variable to the path to the configuration file to use.
    For example:
    Make sure to use forward slashes as shown in the example.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Save and compile the job.
  11. Click File > Run and run the job.
    If the job is successful, 10 lines of integer values are displayed.