Installing parallel engine components on compute nodes (Windows)

When you set up a parallel processing configuration with Microsoft Windows nodes, you must run the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server installation program to install the parallel engine components on all Windows compute nodes. The installation program installs the parallel engine components, and also installs the MKS Toolkit on each node.

Before you begin

Complete the installation of InfoSphere Information Server, including installation of the engine tier on the conductor node.


  1. On each computer that is a node, run the InfoSphere Information Server installation program.
  2. In the Tier Selection page in the installation program wizard, select Engine tier only.
    You do not need to install other tiers on the compute nodes.
  3. After you have installed the engine tier on each computer, add an entry in the parallel engine configuration file for each additional node.
  4. Repeat this procedure for each Windows computer that is to be a compute node in your environment.