Searching for users in the configured user registry

Use this command to specify a user name criterion and return a list of users that meet that criterion in the configured user registry. This command should only be used for troubleshooting or recovery.

IBM® WebSphere® Application Server must be running to run this command.


Windows cue graphic
DirectoryAdmin.bat -user -search -idp userid_pattern -max_count maxcount
Linux cue graphicUNIX cue graphic -user -search -idp userid_pattern -max_count maxcount


The following options are available for the DirectoryAdmin command.
The command line option that specifies that this task is to work with users.
Specifies that the DirectoryAdmin command should perform a search.
Specifies the user name pattern to search for. The pattern must contain either the full user name or, if the full user name is not used, a part of the user name with a prepended or appended asterisk (*). For example, you might want to use DirectoryAdmin -user -search -idp a* -max_count 4 to search for all users whose user names start with "a".
Note: You must surround the string with double quotation marks like "*", "a" when you use * (asterisk).
Limits the number of users that are returned as part of the search.