Resetting the password of a user

If you use the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server internal user registry, you can use this command to set or reset the credentials of a user. This command should only be used for troubleshooting or recovery, or if it is specified in other procedures in the documentation.

The application server does not need to be running to run this command.


Windows cue graphic
DirectoryAdmin.bat -user -userid username -password password
Linux cue graphicUNIX cue graphic -user -userid username -password password


The following options are available for the DirectoryAdmin command.
The command line option that specifies that this task is to work with users.
-userid username
Specifies the name of the user whose password needs to be reset.
-password password
Specifies the user password that you want to set. You can provide the password as plain text or as a string that has been encrypted with the encrypt command.