Rejecting records that contain errors

When the Cognos® TM1 connector includes a reject link, you can configure the connector to send records that cannot be parsed to the target stage on the reject link. If you configure the connector to send records to the reject link, the job completes even if data is rejected.

About this task

If a reject link is not defined, the Cognos TM1 connector functions in these ways:
  • When the connector writes data to a cube, the connector logs a warning when it encounters an invalid record and processes all records.
  • When the connector writes data to a dimension, the connector stops when it encounters the first invalid record.


  1. On the job design canvas, add and configure a target stage to receive the rejected records.
  2. Right-click the Cognos TM1 connector and drag to create a link from the Cognos TM1 connector to the target stage.
  3. Double-click the connector to open the stage editor.
  4. On the Output page, select the link to the target stage for rejected records from the Output name list.
  5. Click the Reject tab.
  6. Optional: Use Abort when, Abort after (rows), and Abort after (%) properties to specify when the job fails.
  7. Optional: From the Add to reject row list, select ERRORCODE, ERRORMESSAGE, or both. When a record fails, the rejected record includes the error code and the corresponding message that describes the failure.